Sencha Tea – Ito En Sencha Shot

Ito En Sencha Shot, Japanese Green TeaIto En Sencha Shot is brewed using premium Japanese loose tea leaves. This Sencha tea uses an advanced, deeper brewing method that yields both a high content of natural catechin tea antioxidants and a more full-bodied green tea taste, a Japanese sencha green tea with many health benefits.

Ito En sencha shot contains 5 times more catechins tea antioxidants than normal brewed green tea.

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ITO EN is Japan’s premier purveyor of green tea in Japan.

Superior tea leaves noted for their appearance, flavor, and aroma, are carefully selected to ensure consistent quality.

With this convenient pack, you get to enjoy refreshing and delightful ITO EN green tea for that authentic taste of Japanese green tea.

These Japanese sencha tea in cans offer convenience to those busy folks who love their daily dose of tea but might not have the time to brew a pot. If you’re one of those always on the go, then you’ll really love these cans of ready-to-drink sencha tea.

Sencha tea -Ito En sencha – quality Japanese green tea.

Some great features of Sencha Tea – Ito En Sencha Shot Green Tea:

  • Brewed from premium Japanese loose tea leaves and uses an advanced, deeper brewing method to get a more full-bodied green tea taste
  • Pack of thirty 6.4-ounce cans
  • Made from nothing but purified water, green tea, and vitamin C it is an all-natural
  • Unsweetened tea with no calories
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No added flavors or colors
  • Contains 152 mg of tea antioxidants per 6.4 oz can
  • Has approximately 40 mg of caffeine per can
  • Good source of vitamin C

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