Green Tea Gift Sets From Tea Beyond

Green Tea Gift Set – Blooming Flower Tea

This greTea Beyond Blooming Teapot Gift Set Duoen tea gift set from Tea Beyond consists of one Teapot-Duo and one pack of Grade A-Duo blooming tea (total of 2 blooms).

Made from heat resistance glass, the Teapot Duo looks eye-catching and unique with a stainless steel wire filter conveniently located at the spout.

It is perfect for brewing a pot of flowering tea as you are able to watch the tea leaves and dried flowers unfurl into a beautiful flower when you pour boiling water over them. Pouring is easy and hassle-free due to its non-dripping feature. There is no wastage and messy spill to wipe.

This 16 oz teapot is enough for one or two cups of tea. However, you can brew the blooming flower for a few rounds, in fact, up to 10 cups of tea total.

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The green tea pack consists of premium grade hand-plucked Silver needle green tea with freshly dried flowers. Grade A-Duo includes flower blooms such as Peony, Carnation, Lily, Marigold, Jasmine or Globe Amaranth

Green Tea Gift Set – Special features

  • This gift set includes one Teapot Duo and one gift pack of Grade A-Duo. This Teapot-Duo is made from heat resistant glass. It comes with a stainless steel filter at the spout.
  • Grade A collection is made of Premium Silver Needle Green tea hand plucked and sewed with freshly dried flowers by tea masters. Grade A Duo includes two blooms.
  • Teapot Duo has Specially design NON-Dripping feature finally makes tea drinking such an enjoyable experience.
  • 2 Grade A blooming teas each kind has its own aroma and flavor, depends on flowers. no artificial flavors added.
  • Teapot-Duo Can be used to brew blooming teas or loose leave teas.
  • Top grade Silver needle green tea combined with well selected flowers provide the best health benefits.
  • 16 oz capacity perfect for ONE. Each bloom can refill water multiple times and make max 10 cups of tea.
  • Teapot Duo is dishwasher safe but cannot be used in the microwave or on top of the stove.
  • Each bloom is vacuum sealed individually for freshness and packaged in a gift pack

Beautifully packed and wrapped in a green satin ribbon, this tea gift set makes a memorable gift.

Whether enjoyed at home or in the office, or entertaining a friend, having a cup of the delicious fragrant blooming flower tea is a great way to relax and unwind.

Delicate in taste, intoxicating in aroma and a calming, magical presentation, full of goodness and green tea benefits in each sip, the Tea Beyond green tea gift set is indeed a gift to be cherished.

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