Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Tea Review

Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf TeaRishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf Tea, 3 Ounce Box

Jasmine Pearl tea is the most popular grade of jasmine green tea. Rishi’s Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Tea is produced using a nearly 900 year old natural tea scenting technique developed in China.

Traditional good grade jasmine tea is made without perfumes or added flavors, scented only by the fresh jasmine blossoms.

Jasmine Pearl green teas are made using only the reserve quality green tea picked during the early spring and fresh jasmine blossoms, contributing to its excellent quality and popularity.

Jasmine Pearl tea has a gentle and delicate body and distinctly sweet jasmine aroma.  Jasmine is also prized for its slimming and cholesterol reducing properties.

Added to this, the rich health-promoting antioxidants properties of  green tea leaves and you have a cup of  premium tea which is healthy and tasty, with a wonderful aroma.

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The green tea leaves are hand-rolled into little pearls which are then scented with fresh jasmine blossoms–20 lbs. of fresh jasmine blossoms are used to scent each pound of tea, resulting in an aromatic, absolutely delicious jasmine tea, scenting the whole room as the tea is brewed.

Rishi Tea Organic Jasmine Pearl Loose Tea – Great Features

  • Pack of 2 (total 6 oz)
  • Most sought-after grade of jasmine green tea; gentle body and distinctly sweet jasmine aroma
  • Leaves/buds hand rolled into small pearls and scented with jasmine using 900-year-old technique
  • Harvested in China’s Fujian province in early spring; USDA-certified organic; kosher-certified
  • Selected by Rishi buyers (no middlemen); packaged in Milwaukee, WI

Use the right steeping time, water temperature and amount of the loose tea leaves to get the perfect aroma and taste. The longer you steep in tea pot, the more bitter it becomes.

Always store tea leaves in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and strong odors, to preserve the freshness and aroma.

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