Rishi Tea Organic Black Tea, Earl Grey Loose Tea

Rishi Earl Grey Tea 2.29 ozRishi Earl Grey tea is processed from 100% Organic Fair Trade Certified Organic black tea leaves and natural essential bergamot oil.

The tea leaves are hand harvested from ancient trees grown in a wild, organic and shady¬† environment in Yunnan’s remote mountain villages.

These ancient tea trees are planted as long ago as 696AD!

The old tea tree forests are rich with biodiversity, fertile soil and ecological balance not typically found in cultivated tea gardens.

The tea brew has a bold, strong and sweetly smooth, well-balanced flavor with an enlivening aroma of bergamot citrus from Southern Italy.

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Great features of the Rishi Tea Organic Black Tea, Earl Grey Loose Tea

  • Ancient Tree black tea scented by first press essential bergamot oil for citrus aroma resulting in a bold, sweetly smooth flavor
  • Harvested from trees planted in 696 AD; USDA-certified organic; Fair Trade- and kosher-certified
  • From remote mountain villages of ethnic-minority families in China’s Yunnan province
  • Selected by Rishi buyers (no middlemen); packaged in Milwaukee, WI

The tea harvest season is stated on the box.

The aroma from the just opened package is heavenly indeed.

Rishi Tea Earl Grey, 2.29 OZThe loose leaf organic black Earl Grey tea is an amazing blend of flavors with a hint of citrus bergamot and has no bitter taste.

The recommended time for first infusion is 4 minutes followed by a second infusion of 5 minutes.

1 tablespoon of the tea leaves per 8 0z of boiling water (212 degrees F) will get you the perfect citrus flavor that is not too bitter in taste.

Rishi organic black tea Earl Grey tea bags

Rishi Tea Organic Black Tea, Earl Grey, 15 Count (Pack of 6)For those who want the convenience of tea bags, Rishi Earl Grey tea are available for brewing in tea bags.

One tea bag per 8 oz of hot water (200 degrees F) steeped for 4 – 5 minutes will get you a cup of aromatic full-bodied smooth tea.

If you drink a lot of Earl Grey tea, then Amazon has a package of 6 packs with 15 teabags per pack. Rishi’s tea bags are not just any ordinary paper tea bags.

Individually packed tea bags that are made of a novel knit material in a special mesh design, the flavor and aroma is comparable to the full bodied taste of the loose leaf Earl Grey teas.

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