Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea – Flowering Tea And Herbal Tea

Health Benefits Of Drinking Tea

The Art and Craft of TeaThe Chinese are tea-loving people. They have been drinking tea since ancient times. They drink tea during breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.

There are the ubiquitous black tea, green tea, white tea and the flower and herbal tea drank for medicinal purposes.

White tea has the least caffeine of all tea and has the most antioxidants. Preparing tea is simple and long-term consumption improves health, prevents disease and strengthens the body.

Below are some examples of herbal teas and their health giving properties.

Herbal Teas

Fragrant and delicious, herbal teas are drunk to enhance health. Herbal teas have been drunk in China and Egypt since ancient times.

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Hawthorn Fruit And Chrysanthemum Tea

Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Tea

Dried Chrysanthemum Flower Tea – 100% Natural

Put ten dried chrysanthemums, twenty grams of hawthorn fruit and fifteen grams Chinese wolfberries into a pot of water.

Bring to a boil, lower the heat and boil for five minutes. Drink while warm.

Hawthorn fruit is a sweet fruit and aids digestion, dispels bruises, clears phlegm.

Chrysanthemum has cooling properties. Chrysanthemum flower is bitter sweet, dispels heat from body, relieves headache, clears fever, benefits the eyes, helps in viral infections and regulates blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum flower tea has a very pleasant light floral fragrance.

Wolfberries are sweet in nature and act as tonic for liver and kidney, nourish blood and improve vision.

Corn Silk Tea

Organic Cornsilk Tea Caffeine Free

Organic Cornsilk Tea Caffeine Free

Cornsilk is actually the long wispy fibers found at the top of an ear of corn.

Steep a tablespoon of dried corn silk in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes. Strain and drink.

Water has to be at a rolling boil when making this cornsilk tea.

Corn silk is used to treat diabetes and also helps to lower high blood pressure.

It is a mild but effective diuretic.

Mugwort Tea

Mugwort Tea

Mugwort Tea – 100% chemical free

Infuse and drink one to three times a day.

Good for regulating menstruation, helps in menstrual pain.

Expels coldness from body especially uterus.

The mugwort tender leaves can also be stir fried with meat or eggs.

The Japanese use it to make mugwort rice cakes

Ginger And Red Dates Tea

Organic Ginger TeaThis tea has warming properties and is usually drunk in winter.

You need forty grams of fresh ginger root (crushed) and twenty dried Chinese red dates (remove seeds). Boil them in two litres of water for about half an hour.

Sugar may be added if desired. Better to drink while hot.

Ginger aids digestion and improves blood circulation. Ginger also dispels cold and strengthens the stomach and intestines.

The ginger tea is also good for pregnant ladies suffering from morning sickness or nausea.

Red dates nourish the blood, moisten the skin and slow down ageing.

Ginger can also be drunk on its own without the addition of any other ingredients. Pure ginger tea is good for acid reflux sufferers.

Red Rose Tea – Rose Petal Tea

Organic Red Rose Tea - Decaffeinated

Organic Red Rose Tea – Decaffeinated

Rose petal tea stimulates blood circulation and is good for complexion.

Good for regulating menstruation.

It relieves stuffiness in the chest, has calming effect on the nerves and helps in depression.
Put one teaspoon of dried rose petals into a mug.
Pour boiling water into the mug. Cover and steep for ten minutes. Drink immediately.

Black sesame Tea

Pour boiling water into a mug containing half a teaspoon of green tea leaves and one teaspoon of roasted black sesame seeds powder.

Cover and steep for five minutes.
Besides nourishing blood, it soothes the liver and kidneys.
Regular consumption delays appearance of grey hairs.

Barley Tea

Japanese Barley TeaPour hot water into a cup filled with four teaspoon of roasted barley. Cover and steep for ten minutes.

It has cooling properties and helps in indigestion.
It is also used for fluid retention and arthritic conditions.
Barley contains melatonin and tryptophan and is drunk just before bedtime so as to sleep well throughout the night.
Roasted barley tea or mugicha is very popular in Japan.

Perilla (Shiso) Leaves And Ginger Tea

Pour boiling water into a mug containing five grams of perilla leaves and two to three slices ginger.

Cover and steep for ten minutes. Helps in sweating, good for coughs and cold.

Mulberry Leaves And Chrysanthemum Tea

Premium Dried White Mulberry Tea Leaves

Premium Dried White Mulberry Tea Leaves

Pour boiling water into a mug of mulberry leaves and dried chrysanthemum flowers.

Cover and steep.

Mulberry tea can be used to treat first signs of influenza, cough and tired eyes.

The tea also helps in conjunctivitis.

Ginger And Mint Tea

Pour boiling water into a mug containing five fresh mint leaves and three to four slices ginger root.

Steep for five minutes. Add sugar if desired.

Good for nausea or a bloated stomach.

Reap the health benefits of drinking tea, whether flowering tea or herbal tea or the popular black and green tea.

Disclaimer : All information posted is for reference purposes only and is not meant to replace advice from your physician or any health care provider. Please check with your doctor/physician for treatment of health problems or diseases.