Twinings Earl Grey Tea

TwininTwinings Earl Grey Tea, Loose Tea, 3.53-Ounce Tinsgs Earl Grey Loose leaf  Tea

Twinings Earl Grey tea, the traditional English tea, is a scented black tea blended with bergamot orange, enriching it with an uplifting citrus flavor and aroma.

The resulting refreshing pale gold, delicate scented tea is the world famous Earl Grey Tea, which is best drunk plain, with a little milk or just a slice of lemon.

The classic traditional Earl Grey tea is basically black tea with uplifting bergamot flavoring. Bergamot is a type of fragrant citrus fruit and the flavoring comes from the oil extracted from its rind.

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Great whether drunk as a morning wake-me-up tea, a soothing afternoon tea or a relaxing after-work evening tea while reading the interesting Tea Shop Mystery series by Laura Childs.

When expertly blended with the right amount of bergamot oil, not too strong nor too weak, it has a distinctive fragrant aroma and no bitter astringent aftertaste.

Twinings Earl Grey loose leaf tea comes packed in convenient sized attractive airtight tins that helps in keeping the tea leaves fresh.

Twinings Earl Grey Tea – Features

  • Case of six 3.5-ounce tins of loose tea (total of 21 ounces)
  • Fine blend of carefully selected black tea, scented with bergamot
  • Pale golden tea with a delicate citrus flavor
  • Packaged in an attractive, reusable tin
  • Light and aromatic; natural source of antioxidants

Loose leaf Earl grey produces a stronger aroma and taste than teabags but teabags are more convenient. If you want even more convenience, then try their k-cups version which also give you a choice of decaffeinenated Earl Grey tea. If you prefer a more

Twinings Earl Grey Tea, 24 Count

Twinings Earl Grey Tea, 24 Count (Pack of 2)

smoother taste of this famous English tea, then do try the Twinings Lady Grey tea.

Twinings reformulated their Earl Grey tea in April 2011, and rebranded it as The Earl Grey Tea.

With more bergamot and lemon added resulting in a stronger citrus flavor, however, it was not so well received by consumers who prefer the old traditional Earl Grey flavor.

Thus, the old tea blend was brought back and renamed Earl Grey Classic and sold alongside the newer blend.

Traditional Earl Grey is a black tea blend but it is now possible to buy oolong, white and green Earl Grey tea blends for a more modern tea experience.

Buy Stash Earl Grey green tea, a delicate blend of green tea leaves with bergamot, if you prefer green tea, a traditional tea with a modern feel and taste.

So enjoy your morning, afternoon or evening rituals over a cup of Twinings Earl Grey Tea.