Lady Grey Tea

Twinings Lady Grey Tea – Loose Tea

Twinings Lady Grey TeaWith expert blending, Twinings create the Lady Grey Tea. Twinings Lady Grey Tea is a unique blend of Chinese black tea, Seville orange and lemon peel, with just a subtler hint of Bergamot.

Fragrant and light, delicately sprinkled with cornflower petals, this delicious black tea has a light and gentle citrus flavor from the orange and lemons.

Enjoy and relax with a refreshing cup of Lady Grey

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Lady Grey is perfect in the morning with breakfast or as an afternoon uplifting tea with its vibrant aroma.

Enjoy it with a little milk, or with sweetener, or to your liking. You can also enjoy it as a delicious and refreshing iced tea especially on a hot summer day.

Package of 6 tins (3.5 oz per tin)

It comes packaged in a case of six 3.5-ounce tins of loose tea (total of 21 ounces) to ensure freshness. Compared to the famous Earl Grey tea, the Lady Grey has a much smoother, less bitter taste and a more aromatic floral scent.

Features of the Twinings Lady Grey Tea

  • Sumptuous blend of black teas flavored with bergamot, lemon, and orange with a sprinkling of cornflower petals
  • Packaged in an attractive, reusable tin
  • Pale golden tea
  • Bright and refreshing; a natural source of antioxidants


Chinese Black Tea, Orange Peel (3%) and Lemon Peel (2%), Cornflowers (1%), Flavorings

To have the perfect cup of tea depends not only on the quality but also the brewing method.

First, put some fresh cold water to boil. When water has reached a rolling boil, pour into teapot. One teaspoonful of the tea leaves per person plus one for the pot would be enough for the perfect pot of tea. A steeping time of 3 to 5 minutes would be enough to bring out the delicate, citrus flavor. You can add a touch of milk although it is best drunk without.

Remember to keep your Twinings Lady Grey Tea in a cool, dry and dark place in its airtight tin.

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